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Neptune Oyster – God of the Sea Goes Turf

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Location: Boston, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends

Typically Neptune is known as the God of the sea, but who would have thought he could also wield that trident on land?

Neptune caught me a hell of a burger and spiced it up with three of his most prized fried oysters topped with garlic mayo over relish over melted cheddar over a perfectly-cooked medium rare round of high-quality beef – all sandwiched between a perfect brioche roll.

In case you were wondering, yes it does make the Top 10 Burgers in Boston List.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fruits de mer for which Neptune is named. And by that I mean the lobster roll and insane selection of fresh oysters of course.

The Maine lobster roll is kingly – starting from the $25 price tag to the generous portion of lobster to the perfectly soft roll. They serve it hot cooked in butter or classically cold in mayo.

Last but not least, oysters are obviously the main event at this place, regardless of what else you order. The whole spot is structured to serve as shellfish foreplay – from the nautical decor to large metal chillers filled with bottles of champagne – it will get you in the mood.

They place a card down on your table before you’ve even ordered drinks with the list of oysters, their homes, and market prices. Wellfleet, Duxbury, Nova Scotia, Rhode Island, and even far-off Washington State are represented. To say that these creatures are served exquisitely fresh and delicious is an understatement.

No other restaurant in the Boston area features oysters this good and this fresh and with such a plentiful selection. And I challenge any place that claims otherwise to an Iron Chef throw-down.

Unfortunately, others have figured out how good this place is. I recommend coming early at 4 or 5pm to beat the crowd (no reservations), or to hit them up on an off night or snowy day.

Earth, Sea, and Seabed – After that first bite you won’t be able to get Neptune out of your head.