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Kirkland Tap & Trotter – KTT & Me

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Location: Somerville, MA (See on Map)

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Dude – I had the craziest dream last night.

The Grill.

I was wandering through a corner of Somerville one Fall night and caught a glimpse of a restaurant through the fog. It had a sign with a steak knife, a fork, and a fireball.

I pushed through the doors and stepped inside.

There was a wood-fired grill (complete with adjustable cranks) powering the kitchen.

A familiar chef was inspecting the dishes as they made their way out to a floor of hungry Somervillains.

— It was Tony Maws. —

I wondered – what’s going on at Craigie on Main? Is the place burning down?  Squid tentacles, pig’s heads, snouts and trotters flying everywhere?

It appeared Chef Maws had grabbed a few of those trotters out ‘da air and planted them in a few recipes the next town over.

There were a bunch of bizzaro versions of people I know sitting at the tables. I took a seat at one of them and grabbed a menu.

The FOOD list looked like this:

We ordered. There were seasonal baller mushrooms on the menu and a new burger variation. A flurry of plates started arriving from smiling servers in flannel shirts. A Left Hand Milk Stout from the tap arrived in front of me. Under the dim lights, we ate these things:

Three Large Sardines.

Rare to find in many restaurants, KT&T grilled up three lull fishies for me. They arrive incredibly moist and flavorful despite a light hand on the seasonings…

Here's Lookin' At You, Kid.

Roasted Root Veggies.

In my dreamy haze I thought that the Trotter was only a meat-lovers palace. Turns out that wood-fired grill does amazing things to vegetables. The root veggies we ordered were scantily dressed and delightful – just like the imaginary babe beside me.

Matsutake Mushrooms.

Oh, and did we mention that our “mushroom guy” sent us some baller matsutake mushrooms today? Boom! A truly humbling and slightly spiritual experience took place as I savored the rare act of eating wood-fired fungi over a nutty pesto.


The Burger.

As if things couldn’t get better – a burger arrived. It was a simple enough affair from the outside – poppy bun, provolone, horseradish cream, and a few thin slices of tater on the side. But that patented meat-wizardry that Chef Maws brings to the kitchen was definitely present in every bite of this tender, well-constructed patty from heaven.







Choucroute Garni.

The meats kept rolling in – next we had a slab of pork belly, two types of sausage, and kraut along with a trio of house-made mustards.

Skate Wing.

The meal finally devolved into a hearty bowl of fish and clams with beans and smoked tomatoes.

There were cheers, beer spilling, laughs, and huzzahs all around as my REM-friends and I devoured our meal.

As with most dreams, in retrospect it moved quite quickly.

Next we move into one of those fast-frame camera shots where I speed-up and slow-down walking my way out of the restaurant (you know, that film effect that they used to show in every episode of cribs).

Fog clears. I awake.

Not sure if it was all real or not. But I will be adding a new burger to my Top 10. I’ve got a new joint where I’d love to call myself a reg’lar. I can smell the wood fire already.

Drink – Redefining Drinking

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Location: Boston, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends

This post really should be all photo-blog style ’cause drink really isn’t about words. They’re just about banging out the best mixed drinks in town on the reg. But I’ll give them a few pithy lines before cutting to the visuals.

I’m not generally a cocktail guy, but Drink inspires. Most real drinkers in town already know about this spot but I felt they warranted a fresh review after a recent trip here (see below).  The only con I see about Drink is the occasionally douche-y crowd however if you’re willing to brave that, the following joys abound:

  • A very chill, well-designed modern feng-shui interior
  • Bartenders that redefine bartender. These guys are true mixologists and real gentlemen.
  • The allure of no menu. Just tell them what you’re in the mood for and they’ll accommodate your wildest desires. Examples that I’ve heard here include: “Girly Drink,” “Something with Bourbon in it,” and “Absinthe.”  “Your wish is granted” the drink genies said.
  • Superb Margaritas and Moscow Mules (vodka, muddled lime juice, homemade ginger beer in a copper comrade mug)

That’s it, let the pic of my awesome Moscow Mule tell the rest:

Hello, Comrade.