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Beer Reflection – Aeronaut Brewing

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

www.aeronautbrewing.comphoto (33)

Location: Somerville, MA (It’s hard to find, click here for a map)

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That’s right people – Somerville has a new craft brewery. Joining the ranks of hyper-local operations such as Slumbrew, Night Shift, and Idle Hands – Aeronaut Brewing opened this summer in a humongo warehouse on Tyler Street.

photo (34)What’s cool about this news is that Aeronaut not only brings us quality craft beer, but also a hip little tasting bar and a regular schedule of fun events to boot.

The Beer: From what I can tell, these guys are focusing on lower-octane brews such as table beers and session ales ranging from 4 – 5% alcohol. This is somewhat of a disappointment for me – a passionate beer snob who greatly enjoys my Belgian trappiste ales and American Double IPAs. I tend to find that session beers lack flavor and come off a little flat and flabby.

Nonetheless, Aeronaut does manage to pack a decent amount of taste into their lighter beers, and they churn out a tasty Brown Ale and Stout that pack a little more punch in the alcohol department.

The beers that I’ve seen on draft in the Aeronaut Tasting room include:

  • A Session With Doctor Nandu (4.5%) – A session American Pale Ale
  • Armadillo (4%) – A hoppy “table beer”
  • Saison of the Western Ghats (4.7%) – A low-alcohol saison that has decent flavor
  • Lark and Linnet (5%) – American Brown Ale
  • Imperial Stout (8%) – Nice stout with a classic chocolate, smoke, and coffee notes

I’ve so far been impressed by the quality of the stout and brown ale, but found the saison to be lagging behind its Belgian counterparts.

All of the above-mentioned brews are available in growler, flight, and pint formats.

photo (1)

The tasting bar and the space are perhaps the two contributions that I am most excited about, especially given the sweet lineup of events that Aeronaut has on tap. See a sampling of upcoming shindigs below:

  • Thursday August 14

Taco Party Truck, BEER RELEASE: berlinerweiss & biere de garde.

  • Friday August 15

Pennypacker’s Truck, BEER RELEASE: imperial IPA

  • Saturday August 16




  • Wednesday August 20

Aeronaut meets Journeyman

  • Saturday September 20

Octoberfest…with special guest Blue Ribbon BBQ

So in this week’s Beer Reflection, I salute Aeronaut for creating a hip new drinking space, planning some cool events, and mixing up a few delicious beers…I’m still waiting for that baller IPA though guys!

Dog Like, I Like. Lark & Linnet.

Dog Like, I Like. Lark & Linnet.

Beer Reflection – The Alchemist

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Deep in the foothills of Vermont, a small brewery is dutifully churning out one of the best IPAs in the country. Truth.

The Alchemist focuses on brewing “just one beer perfectly – Heady Topper, an American Double IPA.”

I was jittery, clammy-handed and excited to try the beer that currently rates #1 on Beer Advocate’s list of top 250 brews.

On my first tasting, I rebelliously ignored the explicit instructions to “Drink from the can” and poured the frothy golden liquid into:

Drink from the can!

…a glass *GASP*

  • The first thing I noticed was a flood of delightful hoppy aromas wafting onto my olfactory receptors and staying a while to host a rager.
  • I’m not enough of a beer connoisseur to dissect the proprietary blend of exact hops, but the aromas smacked of citrus, grapefruit, spice, and sunshine. It was good.
  • The first sip revealed the trademark, signature move of the Heady Topper:
    Maddeningly awesome hop aromas with a less-hoppy but smooth and flavorful mouthfeel and a crisp, refreshing finish.
  • Upon tasting cans number 2 through 4, I did follow instructions and consume from the can. I do agree that adherence to the directions preserves some of those beautiful smells, but you’ll definitely survive and still enjoy a very good beer by pouring Heady Topper into a glass.

Unfortunately, the only way to access this beautiful beer is by visiting the brewery in Waterbury from Monday thru Saturday between 11am and 7pm, or by getting the stuff at a handful of restaurants, bars and retail alcohol vendors scattered throughout upstate Vermont.

So IS Heady Topper truly the best beer in the country? In this beer snob’s opinion, I’d say it definitely ranks up there among my favorite IPA’s in the US of A, which include:

Curious whether the Topper tops your “best beers” list? It’s totally worth the trip up to Waterbury to try the experience for yourself.

Beer Reflection – Night Shift Brewing

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Very sporadically, I will kvell about a local brew that strikes my fancy. This time, it’s Night Shift Brewing, an operation started by a few nocturnal hausbraumeisters (or home brewers) who branched out into their own “nanobrewery” in Everett.

Why you’ll want to try their beer:

  • It’s unique.  Night Shifters have a flair for innovative flavorings in their beers. They infuse a rye ale with agave nectar and habanero. They brew a Belgian-style IPA with coriander and cardamom. They make a saison with honeydew melon essence. There’s a wheat ale with orange blossom honey and green tea. They do a stout with chicory root, ginger, and cacao nibs.
  • It’s local. You gotta love that these are just some local beer enthusiasts working with other nearby companies like Taza Chocolate and MEM Tea Imports to make great drink.
  • It’s real. The brewers take their craft seriously and try to make drinking their creations a personal experience. They hand-write the ABV and Batch #’s on their bottles and share their story with the world.
  • It’s available. Liquor stores that carry Night Shift include Downtown Wine & Spirits, The Wine & Cheese Cask, Pemberton Farms, Cardullos, Formaggios (Cambridge) and Sav-Mor Spirits. A full list is on their website. Bars & restaurants like Puritan & Company, Spoke Wine Bar, Meadhall, Area Four, Oleana, and Redbones are pouring on draft as well. Finally, you can visit the Nightshift Tap Room M-F from 5PM – 9PM and Saturday’s from 12-5PM for tours, tastes, and tees.

I recently sampled the Trifecta (Batch #18) – A Belgian-Style Pale Ale made with vanilla beans and three Trappist yeast strains. The beer had a nice smooth flavor with some lovely Belgian fruit notes and was slightly hoppy. I didn’t really pick up on the vanilla, but it may have added a nice touch to the overall flavor.

Beer Reflection – Slumbrew

Thursday, November 10th, 2011









In this first installment of what Nick is calling the “Beer Reflection” segment, we’re going to be going OM over Somerville’s newest brewer – Slumbrew. You’re busy, so here’s the quick breakdown:

  • Launched last Friday, November 4th with a bash at the Independent  (lovingly known as the Indo) in Union Square
  • Local brew team bringing their craft tradition to the mainstream Somervillain by testing out recipes at a small scale “brew lab” in the ‘ville ‘hood and then smartly producing large scale by utilizing space at Mercury Brewing Company in Ipswich, MA
  • Currently offering an IPA and a Hefeweizen with a soon-to-be-born Porter. The IPA is well-balanced, crisp and ripe in citrus with lots of galaxy hops and a refreshing, home-brew feel to it. The Hefe is famously brewed with 1,000 blood oranges. Tasty, but lagging behind a beer snob’s German fav’s. Can’t wait to try the Porter with Taza choco nibs.
  • Slumbrew can be purchased in bottles at Pemberton Farms, Liquor World, Somerville Wine & Spirits, Kappy’s Medford and Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont.

Give these guys a try – they clearly know their beer game and are brewing some good “home-cooked” shit.