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Bon Me – It’s a Restaurant, Not a Truck, Silly.

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Location: Cambridge, MA (See on Map)

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Breaking news, America.

In a shocking turn of events, Boston-area food trucks are trading in their wheels for solid foundations. Just in time for the spring selling season in real estate, folks.

Case in point – Bon Me. Once a truck. Still at truck. But now also a sandwichery and noodle-shop at One Kendall Square? Bonkers.

They are basically churning out the same goods as their roving kitchens, but with slightly extended hours.

The ordering process is about as simple as that new iPhone app you downloaded for free:


  • Bread (banh mi sandwich)
  • Rice (bowl)
  • Noodle (salad)


  • Spiced-rubbed chicken
  • Chinese BBQ pork
  • Roasted soy and paprika tofu
  • Miso-braised pulled pork
  • Other specials du jour


  • Edamame
  • Asian greens
  • Asian slaw
  • Thai basil limeade
  • Thai iced tea
  • Vietnamese iced coffee

Regardless of your delivery mechanism or filling, your meal will come loaded with veggies and extras. Add some sriracha sauce or really really spicy chili sauce (if you are man enough).

Bon Me definitely assembles a respectable banh mi sandwich (pork recommended) that comes with an assortment of veg and a little spicy mayo. All packed into a long slab of French bread.

It’s good.

This is The Foodie reporting from – you guessed it – Boston. Keep chomping, Beantown.

More Food Trucks – Kendall Style

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Location: Cambridge, MA

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Four wheels, cheap meals, innovative nom noms. What’s not to like about food trucks?

Inspired by my recent night of mobile gluttony at the Boston vs. NYC food truck throw down, I’ve been ardently seeking truckin’ munchies.

This quest most recently brought me to a quiet side street in Kendall Square here:

Lured by the sound of revving engines, the queues of smart kids, and the clank of portable food stuffs – I stumbled upon a veritable cornucopia of food trucks. Here’s the lunchtime lineup in Kendall:

  • Momogoose (M-F, 10:30AM-4:30PM)
  • Clover(M-F, 8AM-8PM)
  • Your mandatory halal truck
  • José’s Tacos

Let’s start with Momogoose. These guys have several trucks posted up around the Boston area and sling some mean Asian dishes served in four formats:

  1. Twelve inch baguette
  2. Rice bowl
  3. Noodle bowl
  4. Salad bowl

Just choose your delivery mechanism and add proteins like Korean BBQ, bulgogi, spicy pork, chicken teriyaki, and more.

I tucked into a humungo spicy pork baguette sandwich (basically a banh mi) and enjoyed every bite. Observe:

Asian Hoagie

Now, on to Clover. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, then you are not truly up on your local food game. Clover runs a few brick ‘n mortar locales in Harvard Square and Inman and have a small army of trucks serving up their ever-famous chickpea fritter and a host of other rotating inventive vegetarian health-conscious specialties.

Though I love their chickpea fritter, I branched out and tried their seasonal Fall sandwich of roasted turnip, fresh spinach, apple spread, and sharp cheddar in a wheat pita. Washed down with an iced sweet hibiscus drink in the late-day sun – I could have melted into the loving arms of motherhood and apple pie. Observe:

McTurnip With Cheese

I scoped out José’s Tacos and the Halal truck and was less impressed both by the lines and the look of their vehicles, but think they’re probably worth a shot at some point. It will be hard to pull myself away from Clover and Momogoose though.

So if you find yourself in Kendall for work, for school, or for play on a weekday, be sure to hit up one of these excellent meals on wheels and support your local truckers.

Food Truck Throwdown – Boston v. NYC

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

People can take their conversations, work, school, families and friends with them anywhere these days – the food truck revolution makes it easier than ever to take your meals with you anywhere too.

Last night on the greenway, a ring of mobile eateries encircled thousands of gastro-enthusiasts hungry for tacos, sliders, and all manner of portable munchies. I was one of those enthusiasts.

You’ll hear all kinds of analysis from food writers in the area, but here’s my take of the action along with a few “NTF Awards” for best of the best.

The Scene

14 Trucks – 7 from Bawston, 7 from New Yawk. Serving from late morning to 9PM at Dewey Square on the Greenway. T-shirts sold as shwag. Mobile diners voted for  NYC or BOS by dropping some cash into a bucket for each town. Cash donations went to Food Banks from each respective city – classy.

The Grub Gallery:

The NTF Food Truck Throwdown Awards:

  • Best Overall Food Mei Mei Food Truck

As the night went on, it became clear that the longest lines were not necessarily indicative of the best grub. Mei Mei had a more modest queue but was slinging some incredible eats. We kept coming back to Mei Mei for more as the night went on…and when we thought they had run out of goods – they unveiled a ‘secret’ late night menu. They reeled us in with their signature “Double Awesome Sandwich” which was an amazing scallion pancake wrapped around cheddar cheese, an Asian-leaning pesto, and slow poached then fried eggs. We came back for frickin’ awesome stir-fried noodles with beef, amaranth, and ginger and fried Chinese crullers. Baller inventive Chinese cuisine.

  • Longest LineWafels & Dinges

This NYC favorite was serving up Belgian wafels served a thousand different ways. Need I say more? Though we did not brave the line to enjoy one of their European Pancakes, they definitely deserve some props for exposing nearly 10,000 Americans to what a real wafel should taste like.

  • Best Taco – Staff Meal

Tacos are a popular food truck item. So it says something to be serving up the best. Compared to Big D’s  Grub (an NYC truck serving up Asian-Latin fusion fare), Staff Meal packed more flavor into their Mexican pancakes with a chorizo and wild mushroom offering.

  • Coolest Truck – The Munchie Mobile

A bright purple truck with glowing green eyes? How could you miss it?

  • Best Fusion Dish – Bon Me Hot Dog

Food Trucks are about fusion. We saw all kinds of influences weaved together throughout the night – Latin-Asian, Asian-American, Latin-American…a true testament to global citizens of the world. Bon Me was handing out hot dogs slathered with spicy mayo, carrots, daikon, and cilantro. Topped with sriracha, I was pleased. Good thing these guys are opening a brick and mortar location in Kendall this January!

  • Most Underwhelming Food – Bian Dang

These guys were the first to run out of food which made my tummy mad. When they surprised us with a steamed pork bun after announcing all the supplies were spent – it came up real short.

  • Friendliest Staff – Mei Mei Again!

Serving countless members of the general public from a cramped truck can crush the spirit of even the most well-intentioned food service professional. Mei Mei held it together with ease.

Who Won? Boston or New York?

Who cares? This event brought together so much goodness it doesn’t matter. It hit all the key values of the Gen Y’er: lots of choice and diversity, local “sustainable” cooking, supporting small business, a social purpose component, reasonable prices, and good food. This event was a good way to support the Food Trucks of Boston and the Big Apple while showing many a good time on a Saturday night. My only hope is that the mobile eating trend continues and that there will be more such events in the years to come.

Lobsta Love – A Mobile Food Disco

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Location: Harvard Yard, Science Center, and Oxford St. – Cambridge, MA

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Man I’ve wanted to review a food truck forever. Good food on wheels is to foodies what a mobile disco would be to cokeheads. Party anytime, anywhere.

And what could be better than fresh lobster – the ultimate food drug – served out of something called “Lobsta Love” in crimson land?

The only thing going up my nose at this truck was the wafting scent of lobster chowder and a mini lobster slider packed into a tiny soft brioche bun in the afternoon sun.

The guy in the truck told us these guys are open from something around 10am to 10pm most days of the week – he was new, so don’t quote me…but rest assured I’ll be hitting the ‘yard for more lobster rolls and perhaps some grilled cheese from lobsta love’s rolling nearby compatriot Grilled Cheese Nation.

The beauty about food trucks is the mystique, the “limited time only” mantra that has also made pop-up restos so successful. I see much more in store for the food truck trend, especially with a gourmet touch detailing these vehicles…