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Casa B – A Great New Somerville Food Story

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Location: Somerville, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends


In a few words: Caribbean and Colombian tapas that may just change your life

Casa B is a story about Albert and Angelina.

It’s a story about two former architecture students who decided to design the structure of amazing cuisines instead.

It’s a story about a small catering business that was destined to become something so much more.

It’s a story about Puerto Rican and Colombian culinary influences inspiring small plates in three formats:

  • Pinchos (served on bread, sized to split amongst two)
  • Tapas (plates sized to split amongst two)
  • Tablas (larger portions sized to split with the whole table)

It’s  a story of a beautiful, modern restaurant on both street front and sub-levels.

It’s a story of simply astounding food that leans more towards the sea. Forget your Spanish tapas joint and travel to South America and the Caribbean with me for a moment:

  • Albondigas in amazing tomato-based sauce
  • Trio of fresh Ceviche that included lobster and salmon incorporated with peas and corn.
  • Seared sesame-crusted tuna “bites”
  • Cod fritters that were perfectly fried
  • Salted plantain chips and creamy asparagus spread
  • Jamon. Jamon. Jamon.
  • Crazy lightly-fried chorizo and melted goat cheese creation (the flavor overshadows the name in my memory)
  • More sliced chorizo with some nice yucca
  • Thin seared steak, sauce and caramelized onions on grilled toasts
  • Puerto Rican “doughnuts” – Mmmmmm.
  • Great bottles of Rioja that were reasonably-priced and most under $30
  • A proper Caipirinha.

It’s a story about one of the best meals I’ve eaten in the Boston area in 2011 and about a great new addition to Union Square.

It’s about you trying these guys out in the new year to contribute to the story. Enjoy.