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2nd Street Cafe – Nostalgia, Grinder Monologues, and Secret Food Tracks

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

 Location: Cambridge, MA

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Long live the neighborhood restaurant.

Remember when it all had that home cooked feel to it?

Remember when they used to whip up specials based on the inspiration of the day?

Remember when you could walk in and say “the usual?”

Remember when you could say “hook me up with something special” and they’d throw a dish together for you on a whim?

Remember that thing called service? Sure, I know that between healthcare, the airlines, and Comcast, we’ve nearly forgotten the meaning of the word.

Here at 2nd Street Anthony and his team are keepin’ the dream alive by feeding all locals within a 10 block radius for breakfast and lunch M-F with a stellar lineup of fresh sammies and daily specials to boot.

Think grilled chicken with pesto, tomato and fresh mozz; a grilled cubano complete with roast pork loin, ham, swiss, and all the trimmings; curried chicken salad, and my personal favorite: MOM’S MEATBALL GRINDER.

[Cue Brief Grinder Monologue] – Wow. Holy shit. This hoagie is one of those “available ‘till it runs out type deals”…a marvelous combination of tender-as-hell meatballs in a light airy tomato sauce and loads of melted provolone. Wrapped up in tinfoil you joyfully cling to it on the walk back to your officle and then silently devour it accepting no corporate fire drill as a legitimate-enough emergency to break  the deliciousness of each passing moment. See below:


We’re back. Sorry about that. I get a little heated every time the grinder comes up. Back to good food and service.  The bottom line of it is that if you work within the reach of 2nd Street be sure to escape from the daily grind with a friendly grinder from the kind folks here.


Secret Food Track:

Remember Green Day? Remember Dookie? Remember how your level of cool was defined by your knowledge of the secret track? Here at Nick the Foodie, we remember, and we’re hitting you with a bonus track in case you missed the hip boat in 7th Grade.

I received a personalized cooking lesson from Anthony, the culinary mastermind behind the 2nd Street operation. He spent a good solid afternoon teaching me some killer technique in the kitchen and led our service of 20 ravenous other foodies with an orgasmic menu consisting of the following:

  • Carbonnade a la Flamande (an amazing braised beef stew) with Chimay and Short Rib
  • Baked squash rounds with triple crème brie, caramelized onions and chiffonade of sage
  • Grill-toasted baguette with prosciutto and fig preserve
  • Grilled squid salad with spicy vinaigrette
  • Grilled asparagus and mashies

Anthony is a good chum and real professional gent to work beside in the kitchen. I learned a ton from him and his background and can say with insider knowledge that the man behind the magic at 2nd Street is going to treat you right.

Long live the neighborhood restaurant and the good people keeping them alive.