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City Snapshot – Philly

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Forget the Food Pyramid and MyPlate. Nick the Foodie’s patented dietary guide is called the goblet of delight.

Equal parts coffee, meat, and beer to provide the average human with just the right mix of protein, alcohol and caffeine to perform at optimal levels throughout the day.

In an incredibly brief snapshot on the city of brotherly love, I’ll share how to most effectively fit all these vitally important food groups into a trip through the town.

THE MEAT GROUP | Reading Terminal Market 





Any self-respecting carnivore would make this downtown marketplace their first stop in a food tour through Philly. Essentially a huge indoor space devoted to everything from fresh produce to fine cheese to hot pastrami (Hershels East Side Deli) to – Yes – thinly-sliced seasoned roast pork.

That’s where DiNic’s comes in.

Love me.

After wandering through the Reading Market leaving a trail of drool behind me, the one piece of culinary mastery that grabbed and reeled me in was the advertised allure of roast pork sandwich.

Though my DiPic doesn’t really do DiNic much justice, this was one of the tastiest sammiches I’ve devoured in recent memory. Beautifully succulent thin roast pork rubbed with rustic Italian spices and elegantly resting inside a bread bed and quilt of melted provolone. Thing was so good I could forget all about wanting to try a cheesesteak.


Generally I assume that the best of the best eats are far from the tourist attractions in most cities. I was wrong in this case.

Literally across the street from City Hall, this immaculate coffee shop is serving up very legit beans with great technique on the espresso drinks. I thoroughly enjoyed a double latte infused with espresso that was refined, smooth, and understated (could I sound any more like a fouchebag?). It’s worth the loss in cool points to attempt accurately describing how good the coffee was.

So there’s your second basic food group.


THE BEER GROUP | Monk’s Café 

Our third and final entry into the trifecta of wholesome eating lies on a quiet side street not far from the awesome dining neighborhood around Rittenhouse Square.

“The soul of Belgium in the heart of Philadelphia” is how these guys describe themselves. They aren’t far off. This dimly-lit, long and narrow bar offers a commendable selection of Belgian brews that is guaranteed to introduce even a hard-core beer snob to something new. They feature a selection from the motherland and impersonations from across the pond, with a particular fondness for Allagash

Though not as impressive as the beer lineup, these guys also serve up several variations of mussels and other hearty dishes.

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