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Journeyman – Simplicity, Complexity, Surprise, Abstraction, Travel, and Life

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Location: Somerville, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends

Life is a journey. The path isn’t always clear but sometimes we’re provided clues along the way. Just when we think we’ve experienced it all – something new comes along to surprise and bring us back to the present.

Enter Journeyman.

As if to say “We’ve seen the Way, and are putting it on a menu,” Journeyman presents just two simple options of a five or seven course tasting, with just cursory descriptions of each dish like:

But in reality, you end up floored with all kinds of gastronomical gotchas in each of those haiku-esque menu items, like:

  • When we said XO Sauce, we meant house-made XO Sauce painstakingly cared for over the course of 6 months with house-cured bresaola and shrimp oil.
  • Notice: your first dish is called “Alliums.” Curious? That’s the name for the onion genus. You’re going to get onions deconstructed countless ways on your plate, and yes, there will be caramelized onion ice cream.
  • So, if we put “Lamb” on your plate it will typically be accompanied by a lamb foie gras mousse
  • Oh, yeah, and by “goat cheese” we meant a light fluffy goat cheese mousse-like creation
  • Did we write just “Steak” on the menu? Silly us, that is cooked sous-vide,  tender-as-hell
  • P.S. when we title your dessert “Bergamot” that means we made bergamot ice cream

You may also find yourself transported across multiple continents and religious gatherings with each passing plate, like:

  • A Jewish family living room in Manhattan for Yom Kippur (Amuse bouche of house-smoked salmon, a deconstructed egg custard mixture  and hard boiled quail egg)
  • Tea time in a London hotel (Bergamot ice cream, orange-infused cake, toffee and walnut)
  • A bagel shop on the Lower East Side (Allium starter that came together like the most decadent everything bagel with onion cream cheese)
  • A Shanghai street corner food cart (Soft rice, black bean sauce, seared tender octopus, house-made XO sauce)

Travel with me for a few minutes:






As you may have noticed, they do things differently here – and you are guaranteed to leave having tried something you’ve never seen or tasted before. And I say that as a bartender climbs a wooden ladder to pick fresh herbs from the wall-sized garden that hangs at the restaurant window-front.