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Bon Chon – My Hometown Village for Chicken Wings

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Location: Cambridge, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends

Bon Chon is a Korean word that means “original village.”

It was a humid Monday night when I discovered an underground village in Harvard Square – a village of smiles, love, and a religious devotion to one singular  culinary specialty – the chicken wing.

The friendly people of wing-land presented us with a menu that – though clearly highlighting their chosen delicacy – also included Korean classics like kimchi, bulgogi, and pickled daikon.

But being a tribe that specializes in cooking a wing-ed fly-less bird that occasionally lays eggs – Bon Chon village gets straight to the point and offers the casual visitor a few different quantities and price points of buk buk bawk:

Choose your Flavor:

  • Soy Garlic
  • Hot Sauce
  • Mix of Soy and Hot

Choose your Portion:

  • Small 10pcs 9.95
  • Medium 20pcs 18.95
  • Large 30pcs 26.95
  • X-Large 40pcs 33.95

We ordered a mixed medium (generous portion that is almost a struggle for two hungry people to eat), along with sides of rice, kimchi and pickled daikon.






The garlic soy variety was nicely balanced, whereas the hot sauce definitely hits you with a hot but very flavorful kick. We cooled our tongues with the daikon and rice between every few hot wings.

We passed our initiation into the Bon Chon village tribe by mercilessly devouring all twenty (20) wings and leaving the bones stacked in our scrap bucket.

Curious about the Bon Chon people, I visited their website and found that the village can be found in NYC, NJ, Cali, and all over Southeast Asia and Pacifica…

…but I’m glad that I’ve got a village right near my home.

As they say in BonChonese – cluck, ca-cluck, ba-bawk. Chicken is good. Yum.