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Tatte – Finally, the Right Way to Say “Tart”

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Location: Cambridge, MA

The Foodie: Recommends

Much to the chagrin of places like Woburn High, this place is actually pronounced Tah-tuh.

But damn can they bake. After opening right smack in Kendall Square on Third Street in early May, these guys have been packed to the brims with pharma jocks, medical device bandits, MIT babes, start-up engineers, and latte-carrying yuppies.

Business has been good. And Tatte deserves it. With a pimped-out line-up of sweet and savory, crusty and creamy, chocolatey and buttery, cheesy and meaty, green and soupy – the menu here features the following:

  • Fresh baguettes
  • Croissants
  • Brioche
  • Quiches (cherry tomato ‘n feta, potato ‘n thyme, zucchini ‘n mozz)
  • Soups (sweet pea, tomato basil bisque, mushroom)
  • Sammiches (think mozz, tomato, basil and pesto on toasted foccacia and pan roasted meatballs and san marzana ‘matoes on baguette with provolone)
  • Salads (vegetarians will delight in a full array of salads that come herby and green, loaded with ancient grains, or classically spinach and feta)
  • A Legit Breakfast Spread (brekkie sandwiches, muesli, bread baskets galore, shakshuka, and other assortments worthy of the Sunday Brunching crowd)

There are no pictures of these items in this review because the snapshots I took did not do them justice. On top of all this, Tatte tips their hat to nearly all my favorite food havens in Europe:

  • The shop looks unmistakably French and customers are greeted with a hearty “bonjour” from the full selection croissants, brioche, and baguettes behind the pastry window
  • The sandwiches, bread items, and full Illy Coffee setup scream “Viva l’Italia!”
  • The name Tatte conjures up images of an apron-and-rolling-pin-wielding-stocky-German-woman plus they serve Schnitzel for lunch

There is a fine patina of Eastern Europe and Mediterreania here as well with your eggplant purees, tahini, and yogurts.

Oh, and any bakery would be incomplete with a big slice of Americana – yes, they have a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

I guess Tatte really does speak Baaaston after all…But I am glad that they bow to European technique.

L’Impasto – So Real It’s Unreal / So Real E ‘Unreal

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Location: Cambridge, MA

The Foodie: Recommends

So real, so authentic, this review is being posted in both English and Italian (the Google translate dialect, or Googlielmo of course). The review will read like a gangsta ride or die anthem but that’s because the grubbolo here is so good they should require an initiation. Are you a (tomato) blood, or a (Roman) crypt?

  • Run by a real life Roman owner who also mans the kitchen single-handedly each night

  • Too real for a website. The web is for posers.
  • Serving real traditional pasta dishes, salads, and a few pizza selections
  • The pasta is the real deal shit – house-made. From lasagnas to bucatini to ravioli.
  • The bread is the real deal shit – house-baked and beautiful. From light focaccia, to dense olive. All breads are also sold separately by the loaf for a real good price.
  • Our meal was the real shitReal Burrata with prosciutto, sweet roasted peppers, fig balsamic.

  • Real bucatini (thick, hollow noodles) with small chunky morcels of pancetta and white wine tomato sauce.
  • Real, miraculously thin and delicate ravioli filled with tomato and mozz and swimming in some real pesto.

The only slightly-less-than-real aspect of eating here was that we weren’t slurping down flasks of house red or white wine during the experience (no liquor license yet). I’ll chalk that up to the “quirk” in my formula for what makes a good Italian joint (simple + fresh + quirky).

L’impasto is real. L’impasto is legit. More reasonably-priced quality real Italian food on this side of the Charles? L’impossible.

Ride or die!!!

Not a bong, fool. Evoo and Balsamic.

===============================Translation ===================================

Così reale, così autentica, questa revisione è stato scritto in inglese e in italiano (il dialetto Google translate, o Googlielmo naturalmente). La revisione potrà essere letto come un giro gangsta o morire inno, ma questo è perché il grubbolo qui è così bene che dovrebbe richiedere una iniziazione. Sei un (pomodoro) del sangue, o un (romano) cripta?

  • Gestito da una reale proprietario vita romana, che equipaggia anche la cucina da sola ogni notte
  • Di servizio veri e propri primi piatti tradizionali, insalate, pizze e una scelta di pochi
  • Troppo reale per un sito web. Il web è per posers.
  • La pasta è la merda vero affare – fatti in casa. Dalle lasagne al bucatini ai ravioli.
  • Il pane è la merda vero affare – casa cotto e bello. Dalla luce focaccia, denso di olive. Tutti i tipi di pane sono venduti anche separatamente dal pane ad un prezzo veramente bene.
  • Il nostro pasto era la vera merda – Burrata reali con prosciutto, peperoni arrostiti, fig balsamiche.
  • Reale bucatini (pasta di spessore, cavi) con piccoli morcels grosso di salsa al vino bianco e pomodoro, pancetta.
  • Real, ravioli miracolosamente sottili e delicate piene di pomodoro e mozz e nuoto in qualche reale pesto.

L’unico aspetto un po ‘-meno-che-reale di mangiare qui era che non eravamo giù slurping fiaschi di casa, vino bianco o rosso durante l’esperienza. Io gesso che fino alla “stranezza” nella mia formula per ciò che rende un buon italiano comune (semplice + fresco + stravagante).
L’impasto è reale. L’impasto è legit. Più qualità a prezzi ragionevoli vero cibo italiano su questo lato del Charles? L’impossibile.
Ride or Die!

Bad Polish Cyber Food

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Dear Readers:

Along with lots of other blogs, this website was recently hacked by an unhappy person from Poland. My heart goes out to people who choose to spend their days in a dark basement listening to techno and trying to wreak cyber-annoyance across the web. The problem hit many innocent bloggers. My sincere apologies if you tried to access the site from Facebook, Google Search results, or other search engines and were re-routed to bogus web pages.

I have been assured that all malicious code has been removed and we are continuously monitoring the site to ensure everything is secure. The problem now appears to be fixed but to avoid any potential issues please try to access the Foodie directly or using your bookmarks. Also make sure you have antivirus software installed.

Your regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly – I’ve got  Italian food, pastries, sammiches, and fine dining reviews coming your way soon.

Keep eating,




Dwelltime – Coffee Nerds, Your Time Has Come

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Location: Cambridge, MA

The Foodie: Strongly Recommends

Dwelltime was conjured up during a coffee geek’s dream.

Here’s what has many a bean dweeb staying up later than usual:

  • An espresso machine that looks like it was jettisoned from a lunar spacecraft. That would be the La Marzocco Strada EP they are rocking up in here. This thing seriously looked like it was pimped-out by a tatted-wife-beater-rocking car detailing specialist rather than a bespectacled old Italian man in a small Florence-based workshop. One version of this machine goes for the price of a small car ($15,000) so I guess that makes sense.







  • In other coffee-gadgetry, Dwelltime makes their brewed coffee via the pour-over method utilizing a unique auto-drip device that looks similarly Martian. Pretty cool.

Take me to your leader...

  • The final piece of café-wizardry happening here (and the one I’m most excited about) is the legit tap for  “cold brew” iced coffee that will be chilled constantly. The “Dwellers” (as staff here are presumably called) are even promising “barrel-aged” cold brew as well. Who needs their local pub anymore?

What's on tap?

All this futuristic coffee gear is housed in a very attractive space complete with tiled ceiling, brick walls, sexy copper-plated bar…just an all-around cool spot. Check it:

I’ve saved the most important part for last – how was the friggin’ espresso you ask? Well, in a word, heavenly. I wouldn’t expect any different from the kind chums at Barismo in Arlington who are behind this operation. You’ll find what must be every variety of their locally-roasted outstanding beans for sale. My quadruple latte (the lattes come in one size) was silky-smooth and very enjoyable. I’d say these guys are in the running for the top three lattes in the Boston area judging from the first sip.







Dwelltime is the café for baristas, coffee roasters, and all-around Arabica fiends. If you had any doubt up until this point that coffee appreciation and roasting technique in this country was nearing the fine craft and artistry of wine-making and craft beer, that doubt is no more.

Coffee nerds – your time has come. Dwell in it.