Boston Resolution Restaurants 2012

I see lots of food peeps rolling out their top picks for 2011 as they look back on eating through the last 365, but not many folks talking about their aspirations for the year ahead. Well, as your fearless eater continues to blaze new culinary trails – I present to you my “Resolution Restaurants” for Twenty Twelve.

These spots have either been around forever and just escaped my reach, or they’re relatively new establishments that are hot on the food scene. Either way, the dishes promise to be tasty. So here it is -16 places that will tickle your c-spot starting 1/1/12.

  1. Casa B | Yelp – 5 Stars | A new tapas joint in Union Square brings new spice to Somer-villains
  2. Journeyman | Yelp – 4 Stars | A coterie of chef “friends” have apparently been killing it since opening.
  3. Sportello | Yelp – 4 Stars | As the Barbara Lynch empire expands, so does the list of her restos that I’ve got to try.
  4. Marliave | Yelp – 4 Stars | A downtown mainstay and “hidden gem” with a great, diverse menu.
  5. Oishii | Yelp – 4 Stars | Routinely raved about for authentic sushi and my top sushi-spot-to-sample next year.
  6. Fuji at Kendall | Yelp – 4 Stars | New upscale sushi joint in Kendall that I’ve walked by for months watching take shape.
  7. Tasca | Yelp – 4 Stars | This local tapas treasure in Brighton (of all places) has hit my food-dar several times.
  8. Vee Vee | Yelp – 4 Stars | The food at this Jamaica Plain establishment is supposed to be as cool as the name.
  9. Radius | Yelp – 4 Stars | Burger. Burger. Burger. Will it make the Top 10 in Boston?
  10. Menton | Yelp – 4 1/2 Stars | Yes, Barbara again. When I’m in the mood to spend $100 on a prix fixe.
  11. The Gallows | Yelp – 4 Stars | One of the last remaining Gastropubs I’ve yet to try in the city.
  12. Gaslight Brasserie Du Coin | Yelp – 4 Stars | An enormously popular French spot that’s been on my list.
  13. Union Bar & Grille | Yelp – 4 Stars | Lots of good meat on the menu. Comfort meets haute cuisine. I’m sold.
  14. KO Pies | Yelp – 4 1/2 Stars | Australian Meat Pies and Sausages in Southie? Yes please!
  15. Santarpio’s | Yelp – 4 Stars | Ok, I’ve seen enough “Best Pizza in Boston” ads to finally trek to “Eastie” for a feastie
  16. Hammersley’s Bistro | Yelp – 4 Stars | A high-end south-end bistro beloved to Bostonians

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