The Top 5 of ‘11

It’s yer lucky day.

After much reflection on the past year of eating, Nick the Foodie has selected his best five meals in the Boston area of 2011. A soon-to-be-coveted list of near-and-dear best-in-class restaurants that are sure to blow up on the national scene any moment. You are one of the first to see it, so count yourself among the fortunate few.

The list spans Japanese, French, South American/Caribbean, and Contemporary American cuisine, but one common thread weaves these culinary treasures together: their ability to give eaters something they’ve never experienced before. New flavors, new combinations, never-seen-before dishes that just work. For me – all these restaurants have provided my taste buds with something they’ve never noshed – read sea snails and smoked milk foam, thyme and buttermilk ice cream, REAL wagyu beef, “veal popcorn”, a dessert called “scotch and cigars,” octopus and chorizo, baby goat (AKA cabri), Puerto Rican “doughnuts,” ceviche three ways, kumamoto oyster with aioli and squid ink bubbles…This type of unique cooking is a tough feat that requires both creativity and talent.

If you eat anywhere in the next year – try at least one of these world-class spots and consider yourself among the enlightened.

  1. O Ya
  2. Bondir
  3. T.W. Food
  4. Casa B
  5. Craigie on Main

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