Radius – “The Burger” That Will Mesmerize You [CLOSED AS OF 6.26.13 R.I.P.]

[Radius Restaurant is Closed as of 6.26.13]


Location: Boston, MA

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In my last post I admitted a dirty habit of getting into flings with gourmet burgers. My brief 10-minute affair with the Radius Burger was about as amazing as these encounters get.

First of all, the interior of this restaurant really gets you in the mood for culinary love-making. Classy, modern, upscale, dimly-lit – and the service really is exceptional. All I needed was a little Barry White or Al Green to complete the experience…

Weighing in at $20 – the Radius Burger is a force to be reckoned with. Here is a detailed account of each voluptuous feature, if you were to check her out from top to bottom:

  • Thick, soft, nice buns, slightly toasted
  • Mounds of lightly battered fried onion strings packed in on top
  • Perfectly melted VT cheddar wrapping the burger in all its goodness
  • A lovely, dense, incredibly juicy and well-cooked burger that is right on with flavor. The burger patty is thick and probably made from tenderloin it was so luscious.
  • All of the above is caressed by the most amazingly light, creamy, horseradish sauce that really “makes” the burger and ties everything together.

I complemented my meal with a couple Duvels and loved every minute of the experience. A truly exceptional night of burger romance that will definitely have me coming back for more.

Could this fling turn into something more? Time will tell…

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