JM Curley – “Say Hello to my Lille Fren”

Location: Boston, MA

The Foodie: Recommends

The quest for the Top 10 Burgers in Boston continues – and JM Curley just made the list.

Curley, marked by a black top hat, is an approachable and understated bar/restaurant serving-up a limited but very well-executed  menu.

Any unassuming Bostonian innocently walking in here for a post-desk-jockeying-bevvy will be simply blown away with the food. I mean – Curley really is a hidden gem that I imagine hasn’t been largely discovered outside the realm of us local dining geeks and food blog dweebs.


The Burger. As unassuming as JM Curley itself, this thing is a simple affair hidden under a nice coating of melted cheddar cheese that features:

  • Nice-sized thick baller quality beef patty
  • Griddled onions
  • Nice slather of russian dressing and pickles
  • Sesame-seeded soft burger bun

But with the first bite you immediately notice something special. As if that melted coating of cheddar parted and said “Say hello to my lille fren”

  • So tantalizing juicy the savory meat liquid will practically knock your face off.
  • The Russian flair, soft bun, pickles and cheddar are a nice complement to the meat but do not overpower the true star in any way
  • The Curley Kitchen pulls this baby off without the slightest hint of pretentiousness. They stay true to what a burger really is – a comforting cuddly hunk of joy that you tuck into with glee.


Happy Birthday, Mr. President

As if the burger wasn’t enough. Curley floored me again during the appetizer round with something I had never seen before – Cast Iron Cornbread. This dish comes out served in a little mini skillet and literally must be grabbed from the oven by the servers on their way to the floor. So amazingly soft and topped with melty butter, honey and black pepper.  My head was spinning.


When Corn and Bread Get Tantric

In other news, Curley presents a respectable beer menu and features regular specials including burgers (the night we ate there they were touting a lamb burger).

Curley was so full of surprises that they rocked my worldview, changed my religious orientation, and had me questioning the meaning of life by the time I wandered back out onto Temple Place bewildered.

Hats off to you Curley, hats off.