Boston Resolution Restaurants 2013

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. That’s right – it’s resolution time. But rather than join a gym to shed that extra 20 lbs of gut weight, resolve to stop eating baby animals (veal and cabri are too good to give up), or take up a diet of strictly flax and wheat germ – I am rolling out another list of restaurants in the area that I MUST try in the year ahead.

Admittedly, I made just an ‘OK’ dent in last year’s list, hitting six of the 16 spots that I pined for. The reason for that was  my culinary attention being pulled in other directions as new openings kept hitting my radar throughout 2012. But in the end, I did sample awesome cuisine from Casa B, Journeyman, Marliave, Radius, The Gallows, and Gaslight Brasserie Du Coin. Not too bad.

Looking ahead to the year of the Water Snake – here’s my list of resolution restaurants. Hiss, Hiss, Yum, Yum.

  1. Cinquecento | This hotly-anticipated cavernous Italian joint from the Aquitaine Group has wild boar gnocchi. Gnocch-said.
  2. Giulia | A just-opened Porter Square newcomer serving more upscale Italian eats. Run by a former Via Matta chef.
  3. Tavern Road | Chef Louis DiBarcarri (Sel de la Terre, Storyville, Chef Louie Night) plans to open a space in Fort Point with the words Porchetta, Game Birds, and Rotisserie on the menu. P.S. They’ll have a street food window. Booyah.
  4. Blue Dragon | Celeb chef Ming Tsai is opening an Asian Fusion spot in Fort Point.
  5. Ribelle | Strip T’s chef Tim Maslow is coming to Brookline (Washington Sq) with a new spot next year. I’ll be there.
  6. Bronwyn | We will finally have a good German restaurant around Boston. Currywurst and Spaten anyone?
  7. Spoke Wine Bar | The guys behind Dave’s Fresh Pasta bring you a wine bar right next to their current venue.
  8. Erbaluce | This Bay Village upscale Italian hideaway will be a romantic gourmet date for me at some point in 2013
  9. Oishii | A carry-over from last year’s list, but I will make it this time around!
  10. East By Northeast | This Pan-Asian small plates resto in Inman Square has been open for a while and deserves my attention.
  11. Santarpio’s | Yes, someday I will hike over to Eastie and eat pizza. It will happen.
  12. Estelle’s | This is what you get when you combine the chefs of Poe’s Kitchen and East Coast Grill.
  13. Bon Me (the restaurant) | A popular Vietnamese food truck goes brick and mortar in Kendall.
  14. Belly Wine Bar | The owners of Blue Room and Central Bottle team up to deliver a nice wine bar concept in Kendall.
  15. Uni Sashimi Bar (and late night ramen) | More for the late-night ramen to get Oringer’s take on a dish that is all the rage right now.
  16. Lone Star Taco Bar | These guys hit the Allston scene big and then fell off my radar. They’re back on, and I WILL get their tacos in the year ahead.

So there it is. Another 16 places to run to in an effort to continue eating my way through all that Boston has to offer. In case you haven’t noticed, the restaurant scene in the area is bumpin’. Lots of these places haven’t even opened yet, but when they do it promises to be an exciting year. See you there…