Clover Food Lab – A Brave New Lunch

Location: Cambridge, MA

The Foodie: Recommends

The Clover Lab serves food from the future.

Enter a white modern space. If you thought this was the type of spot where you just walk up to a counter and place your order you were wrong bee-atch.

A futuristic server with an iPhone greets you in front of a plasma-menu and asks if you’ve been there before. You say no, and she giggles. You then banter and joke around about what the best menu items are before settling on the Chickpea Fritter, rosemary fries and a cool rhubarb drink.

Your order is taken via Apple genius and beamed over to the kitchen. Your receipt is emailed to your gmail account. You’re then told to hang out and wait for each piece of your order to appear on the counters in front of you. Very exciting.

You’ll find the fritter delightful (recommend adding a little hot pepper from the condiment station), and the rosemary fries cooked to perfection and packed with whole mini-spears of fried rosemary sprinkled throughout. Amazing. You’ll think: Did I just eat vegetarian? Can’t be…

You will leave wanting to come back and try the BBQ Seitan and a fresh beer as you step back out into 2011.

Thanks for showing us what it will be like Clover. Can I join the occult via iPhone as well? Where do I download the app? Thanks.


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