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Nick the FoodieWho is this guy?

Hey, Nick is just a local guy and culinary animal you’d want to talk to about food and drink. A Boston native and local foodie who spends the majority of his disposable income on visiting the area’s best new restaurants, bars, markets, food trucks and wherever good food is sold. He is an unabashed beer snob who is constantly trying to track down the next great American microbrew or rare import while brewing a little of his own stuff on the side. No stranger to wine either, Nick samples grapes from near and far and is pretty psyched about his new wine fridge. When he’s not buying great food and bevies from other peeps, Nick wields a chef’s knife pretty well cooking up decadent stuff in his own kitchen – think pancetta-wrapped Monkfish, pan-seared Ribeye, homemade pasta.

Beyond all that – he’s just into anything that grabs his attention in the wide world of food.

Why should I trust his opinions about food?

This kid has been a foodie from the cradle. No joke, Nick’s mom hand-made his baby food in small batches. In more recent years, he lived a year in Paris (one of the foodie capitals of the world), and has been an active food reviewer in the local Boston community – racking up over 400 restaurant reviews and being voted “Boston’s Biggest Foodie” by fellow bloggers. Now he brings you Nickthefoodie.com – the premier blog for the food-savvy northeastern dweller.

Why should I read THIS blog amongst all the clutter?

Maybe you’re a local looking for the next great new spot to dine in Cambridge, Somerville, or the neighborhoods of Boston. Maybe you’re headed to vacationland  and hitting up Portland, ME wondering how best to enjoy food tourism in a new city. Or perhaps you’re interested in the tropics of New England and want the best of Cape Cod. You might be tired of drinking bud light and looking to sample some baller beers. Or, maybe you just moved to the HUB and could be wondering where the best butcher shops, coffee houses, and farmers markets are in the area.

Nick the Foodie brings you a hyper local, on-the-ground perspective as if you had just bumped into someone on the street and asked what your next meal should be. Sure, there are plenty of other sites (and blogs) out there – keep visiting them, but add Nick to your bookmarks and give him a chance to grab your attention (and your belly).

11 Responses to About the Foodie

  1. Mickey says:

    What a TREAT…Nick the Foodie. I was salavating reading your reviews and now I want to visit each location and enjoy a great beer and a meal. Keep them coming…and….I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS BLOG!

  2. C_H says:



  3. V says:

    Nice layout and great salivating source of food and foodie culture editorials.

  4. KACE says:

    I have never been disappointed by Nickthefoodie’s recommendations…this is a great website and can’t wait to go on more food eating adventures.

  5. Salt says:

    MASCARPONE. Not MARscapone, foodie.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for reading! Good catch – just corrected that.

  7. Frank says:

    NickTheFoodie! I like you style man! I’m going to everyone of these places!

  8. admin says:

    Frank – thanks for checking out the blog buddy! Spread the word my friend…I’ll have some more reviews coming soon of some spots near the Financial District and Fort Point so check back.

  9. admin says:

    He’s at it again…

  10. Melanie T. says:

    This guy knows what he is talking about. Having followed him since the beginning, I can contest that he knows how to pick a restaurant. Spread the word people. I only wonder if he has some good recommendations in Dublin, Ireland. Good luck!!

  11. admin says:

    Thanks for the kind words Melaaanie. The Foodie would have some Dublin suggestions if he remembered his time there :-)

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